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Tayler Farms: A legacy of dedication and quality in New Zealand’s potato industry

In the lush fields of New Zealand, under the gentle dawn light, Nick Tayler of Tayler Farms begins his day much like his grandfather did six decades ago. This serene morning ritual marks another day in the life of a farm steeped in history and tradition, a story of dedication passed down through generations.

“My grandfather and father started this farm 60 years ago,” Tayler shares in a recent feature video produced and published on YouTube by Copper Kettle Chips in the company’s “Meet our Farmers” website section. Nick Tayler’s story is a testament to the enduring legacy of his family’s commitment to potato farming. “I spent a lot of time out in the field with my grandfather. He was very passionate about everything he did. He got his hands dirty every day.”

An ethos of quality and integrity

The introduction of potatoes in the early 1960s by Tayler’s forefathers marked the beginning of what would become a flourishing partnership with Copper Kettle Chips. This relationship is built on a shared ethos of quality and integrity, principles that were deeply instilled in Tayler by his father. “Dad always said there’s an art to keeping water levels perfect,” he recalls, highlighting the meticulous care involved in cultivating the perfect crop.

Tayler’s own journey has seen him take over the farm operations with his brother, allowing their father to retire while continuing the family legacy with his children. “All three of our children grew up on the farm. They were with me in the tractor or in the truck, often falling asleep while I was working,” he reminisces. This close-knit family environment extends beyond his immediate family to include his staff, who Tayler regards as integral to the farm’s success. “I don’t expect them to do anything that I don’t do. I just like them being part of the family.”

Bountiful rewards

Farming potatoes is not without its challenges—weather conditions, pests, and natural elements like coastal erosion all pose significant risks. Yet, the rewards are bountiful. “The most satisfying would be when you are harvesting a crop of potatoes, and it’s coming out clean, the yield’s good, colour, texture, size. If they taste good, it makes me happy,” Nick Tayler says, pride evident in his voice.

For him, the personal connection to his produce does not end in the fields. “It’s satisfying going to a barbecue with friends, family, and you’re opening a bag of Copper Kettles. Yeah, I get a bit of a buzz out of seeing people eat potatoes that I’ve produced,” he admits. This connection underscores a deeper sense of fulfillment that comes from seeing others enjoy the fruits of his labor, a sentiment echoed by his wife who affectionately calls the potatoes their ‘babies.’

Finding balance and perspective through family

The resilience required to maintain such a high standard of farming is immense, yet Nick Tayler finds balance and perspective through his family. “We’ve got debts to grow these potatoes, so we have to spend a lot of time making sure we get that base yield to cover our costs. It is challenging, but then I talk to Jane or one of my kids calls, and that puts everything in perspective, and your worries disappear,” he explains.

Nick Tayler’s story is not just about growing potatoes; it’s about cultivating life’s values—honesty, hard work, and family. It’s a narrative that Copper Kettle Chips proudly shares, celebrating not only the quality of their product but the genuine passion and heritage that give such depth to their flavor. As consumers enjoy each crisp bite, they partake in a legacy meticulously crafted in the fields of Tayler Farms, where every potato tells the story of a family’s love for the land and each other.

Source: Copper Kettle Chips YouTube channel
Author: This news story was written by Lukie Pieterse, Editor/Publisher of Potato News Today
Credit: Copper Kettle Chips and Nick Tayler / Tayler Farms