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A Birds Eye view of Spudnik's 6740 – 4 Row Potato Harvester, crop cart, 2 tractors and semi trailer in a farm.

6740 – 4 Row Potato Harvester

6740 – 4 Row Potato Harvester

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Soil And Trash Separation

With the flexibility of the Hump Adjust, multi-Sep tables, and high direct-drive fan, keep trash and any undesirable material away from your potatoes.

Low Maintenance

Due to its open design, maintaining this machine is achievable. Teamed with Spudnik parts department, you can keep your machine in the field.

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Potato cart transloading potatoes into a truck.


With your Spudnik representative, determine what options fit your farm’s needs. For example, which level of intake chains, size of boom, or telescoping breakaway boom.  

High Volume Production

Powered with efficiency in mind, this harvester effectively helps you harvest up to 20 rows.

Man in a John Deere Tractor using a Spudnik potato cart to load and transload potatoes into a dump truck.

6740 – 4 Row Potato Harvester

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