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We Deliver Superior Agricultural Equipment
That Helps Feed The World.

With more than 60 years of experience in the potato industry, Spudnik has developed machinery for every stage of production and transportation. In addition, Spudnik has expanded its product line to include equipment for the sugar beet and vegetable industries.

The partner of choice for equipment

On a cool day in 1958, brothers Carl and Leo Hobbs decided they were done shoveling potatoes by hand. Due to their innovations and determination, Spudnik Equipment has been a leader in the potato industry for over 60 years. 

Spudnik now strives to provide superior solutions for potato, sugarbeet, vegetable, and many other operations globally to feed the world. 

Committed to be the best in the field

Spudnik recognizes that it is our team of great employees that strengthens our position as the leader in the industry. We believe in recruiting and hiring top talent! 

We are the best in our market

Ultimate collection of parts.

Wear the Spudnik brand with pride.

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Field Service

Spudnik’s highly skilled service technicians are ready to travel to customer locations to diagnose and repair issues. Armed with a wide range of technical skills and knowledge to troubleshoot problems efficiently, and ensure your operation runs smoothly.

Our proactive approach allows you to minimize downtime and maximize productivity as technicians provide training, maintenance, and service.