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About Spudnik Equipment

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What is Spudnik Equipment?

Spudnik goes beyond the striking red equipment in potato fields. On a cold morning in 1958, while shoveling potatoes into a sack, Carl and Leo Hobbs decided there must be a better way to handle potatoes. The brothers put their minds together and built a potato scooper with spare parts from around their employer’s shop. From there Carl and Leo kept innovating and challenging traditions to build innovative equipment in the potato industry.

In 2008, Spudnik Equipment joined the Grimme Group owned by Franz Grimme in Damme Germany. By being a member of the Grimme Group, Spudnik can maintain its spirit of innovation and dedication to be a world-renowned leader in the potato, sugarbeet, and vegetable industries. 

With a team of 500 employees, Spudnik strives to become the premier partner for growers across the globe by supplying superior field and storage equipment. At Spudnik Equipment, we work closely with our customers to identify areas of improvement with new ideas, technological advances, and our specialized team working worldwide. 

History of Spudnik Equipment Company

Every line in Spudnik Equipment’s history contributes to what it has become. 

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Front area of Spudnik's Headquarters with the name of the company written in bold and pig.

Front office

Front door of Spudnik's main offices.

Parts Counter

double angle view of Spudnik's facility.


Side angle of Spudnik's facility.

whole goods shipping

Pieces of equipment inside of Spudnik's manufacturing building.


Employee at work in the manufacturing area in Spudnik.

Belted chain

Image showing pieces of machinery inside the Spudnik facility.


Spudnik Employee painting part of a piece of farming equipment at Spudnik's facility.


spudnik's welder working at Spudnik.


Spudnik's facility

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