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Mintec: UK potatoes at all-time highs for the second year in a row

The Mintec Benchmark for English white potatoes reached an all-time high of £750/MT on June 11th, an increase of 87.5% year-on-year. Market analyst Harry Campbell notes tight supplies will persist until the mid-July maincrop harvest. Delayed planting and lack of warm weather have kept prices elevated, marking the second year of record highs. Growers prefer higher free-buy prices over contracts due to climate impacts.

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Aussie potato growers first in world to access new fungicide to fight soil borne disease black scurf

Australian potato farmers are first globally to access Excalia, a new fungicide developed by Sumitomo Chemical Australia to combat Rhizoctonia solani. Launched in Melbourne, Excalia will be showcased at the 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide. Sumitomo’s marketing manager Jock Leys highlighted its success in trials, improving yield and return on investment. The collaboration with Elders aims to ensure smooth distribution. Sumitomo will also introduce biostimulant products at the event.

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Podcast: ‘From Peru to Kenya – The Potato’s Journey of Resilience’

The first episode of ‘Crop Chronicles,’ a podcast by Crop Trust, explores the global significance and history of potatoes. Traveling from the Peruvian Andes to Kenyan farmlands, the podcast discusses the resilience of potatoes, innovative farming techniques, and scientific efforts to preserve potato diversity amid climate challenges. You can listen to the 20 minute long podcast on Spotify.

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Report: Global processed potato market expected to reach $45 billion growth milestone by 2028

The global processed potatoes market is expected to grow by USD 45 billion between 2024 and 2028, driven by enhanced production capabilities and technological advancements according to Technavio. Key growth factors include investments in advanced technology and infrastructure, especially in North America and Europe. Challenges such as fluctuating raw material prices and regulatory standards persist, but sustainable practices are being adopted. Major players include Lamb Weston, McCain Foods, and The Kraft Heinz Company.

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Sustainable spud success: New Zealand company’s gourmet potatoes shine in national awards

Oakley’s Premium Fresh Vegetables Golden Gourmet potatoes, known for their sustainability and quality, won the Spirit of New Zealand Award at the Life and Leisure Magazine Outstanding Food Producer Awards. This Southbridge-based business, managed by the Oakley family, uses extensive soil testing, moisture probes, and solar power to support year-round production. Oakley’s marketing manager, April Oakley, highlighted the potatoes’ versatility and their commitment to sustainable practices.

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FPS Food Process Solutions’ global headcount now over 1,000 strong

FPS Food Process Solutions, a global leader in turn-key food processing solutions, has expanded to over 1,000 employees in 20 locations across six continents since its inception in 2010 with eight staff. The company’s growth encompasses strategic acquisitions and partnerships, enhancing its manufacturing, R&D, engineering, service, and sales. FPS continues to innovate and expand, aiming for continued growth in the food processing sector.

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EU potato sector confronts late blight threat: Copa-Cogeca unveils comprehensive action plan

Europe’s leading farming organizations, Copa and Cogeca, are raising concerns about the re-emergence of potato late blight, a serious threat to European potato production. They have proposed an action plan, supported by several other EU farming organizations, to address this issue, emphasizing the need for effective plant protection products, resistant varieties, and improved agricultural practices. The plan includes developing coordinated measures with various stakeholders and increasing awareness among EU institutions to ensure effective control strategies.

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James Hutton Institute opens pioneering crop storage research facility in Scotland

A new Crop Storage and Post-harvest Solutions (CSPS) facility has opened at the James Hutton Institute in Invergowrie, Scotland, funded by the Scottish and UK Governments. The facility focuses on studying the effects of temperature, gas composition, and humidity on stored crops. Led by Professor Derek Stewart, the research aims to prolong shelf life and address the challenges posed by climate change and regenerative agriculture.

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