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Spudnik piece of farming equipment loading a room with potatoes.

880 – Large Frame Piler

880 – Large Frame Piler

Spudnik's 880 – Large Frame Piler.

Optional Flat Hopper

Extended hopper intake to allow a more gradual settling of the product onto the conveyor belt before it progresses to the elevator, thus mitigating rollback and ensuring a delicate treatment of the product.

Optional Road Axle

A roadway axle designed with a pneumatic braking system allows the operator to securely tow it at 30mph on the road.
880 – Large Frame Piler being pulled by the Spudnik's Service truck.
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Electronic Joystick Control

The manual control panel’s joystick empowers the operator to precisely manage the boom of the piler in demanding zones or during the loading of trucks.

Boom Swing

Horizontal (blue), vertical (green), and height (red) reach of the piler, moving from side to side, in and out, and up and down.

880 – Large Frame Piler

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