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Potato scooper at Spudnik's facility

350 – Tandem Axle Potato Scooper

350 – Tandem Axle Potato Scooper

150 – Single Axle Potato Scooper operator's Seat.

Chair and Controls

Positioned in an elevated seating arrangement, the skid-steering mechanism can be easily maneuvered using a pair of levers situated on both sides of the operator.

Easy Operation

A manageable control system is conveniently positioned on the machine’s side for user-friendly operation.
150 – Single Axle Potato Scooper's control panel.
Spudnik's 350 – Tandem Axle Potato Scooper.

Bottom Unload Attachment

Optional accessory for trailers equipped with bottom-unloading functionality.

350 – Tandem Axle Potato Scooper

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