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12 row sugarbeet harvester loading a bulk bed.

3120 – 12 Row Sugarbeet Harvester

3120 – 12 Row Sugarbeet Harvester

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More Tails = More Yield = More $$$

Keep the tails intact to ensure more revenue at the dump.

Stay on Track

The 2 Electric Row Finders, control depth, steering, and leveling.
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Spudnik's 12 Row Sugarbeet Harvester

5 vs 3

Operates at a reduced RPM of 40%, making contact with beets using 50% less force, consequently leading to a notable reduction in crop damage.

Industry Exclusive

Comparing Puller Wheels of 34 inches and 28 inches in diameter, opting for larger wheels enhances lifting capacity and less bruising. The inclusion of an automatic row alignment feature further augments operational efficiency.
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3120 – 12 Row Sugarbeet Harvester

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