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Message on a spud: The rise of Potato Parcel and other startups that challenge conventional wisdom

The startup world is full of innovative, creative and risk-taking entrepreneurs. Sometimes, they come up with ideas that are so out of the box that they might seem bizarre or even impossible, but instead turn out to be successful and profitable, writes Veeksha Dechamma in an article published by Jumpstart. She introduces readers to five strange startups that will tickle your mind, including the startup Potato Parcel.

Dechamma writes that Potato Parcel offers a quirky service where customers can send their loved ones messages on potatoes (because traditional cards are just so last season). The concept was born in 2015 after founder Alex Craig saw a stamped potato online and decided to try it himself, eventually setting up a website.

Sending a potato message is as straightforward as ordering something online. You visit the site, pick your potato type, write a message within the 130-character limit and hit order. Options range from a basic Potato Parcel bearing a hand-written message to a full-photo Potato Postcard. Delivery is available in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. To prevent the potatoes from going to waste, the company suggests that recipients plant the potatoes and post the planting on social media.

According to Insider Growth, Potato Parcel achieved a net worth of US$1.75 million in 2023.

Source: Jumpstart. Read the full article here