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Baby leaf spinach harvester being used in a spinach farm to harvest spinach.

BBL-1000 – Baby Leaf Spinach Harvester

BBL-1000 – Baby Leaf Spinach Harvester

Spudnik's vegetable equipment, bulk bed and John Deere tractor in a spinach farm being used to harvest.

Tomra Sentinel ll Optical Sorter

Fitted with an advanced optical sorting system that help identify and remove unwanted elements from the spinach crop, such as yellow leaf, sticks, grasshoppers, damaged leaves, and other foreign materials present in the field.

Cutting Blade & Air Conveyer

Positioned immediately following the cutting blade, the Air Blower initiates the separation process right from the outset.

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Spudnik's vegetable equipment in an open field with a green farm in the back.

Sanitation Mode

Activate the Sanitation Mode to set all belts in motion, thereby ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning of all machine components.

BBL-1000 – Baby Leaf Spinach Harvester

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