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Spudnik's AirSep Potato Eliminator.

991 – AirSep Potato Eliminator

991 – AirSep Potato Eliminator

A couple: a man and a woman, both white people, standing in front of a Spudnik piece of farming equipment.

Buyan Ranch

“People need to see it work if they can in person. The videos and everything are really impressive, but when you physically see the machine doing what it does, a lot of our help and people that have helped us in the fall for years were just blown away with it.”

Blake Underwood

This machine is saving us a lot of money in deducts which is a big thing with processed potatoes. That is something in past years you just can’t get away from. You will have those, but with this machine it hasn’t been a problem. We get a report and in that report it will tell us the percentage of dirt, percentage of foreign material which would be corn and the vegetative matter. There is a baseline where it starts taking deductions and they are slightly above 0% and our deducts are zero.
Man standing by a dumping truck and Spudnik piece of farming equipment.

991 – AirSep Potato Eliminator

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