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9412 – 12 Row Folding Cultivator

9412 – 12 Row Folding Cultivator

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Can Reduce Greening

Forming Wings can be adjusted to place more dirt on the hills to improve hill shape and crop quality.

Water Pocket Equals Even Water Distribution

Create water pockets that will trap water where the seed is and provide a even water distribution. Rather than the water traveling to low spots in the rows.

Water Pocket Cultivator
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Softer Dirt, Better Growth

Aerate and soften dirt with the ripper. Potato plants like to grow where soil is less compacted. Cultivators aerate the dirt after tractors have been in the field so that every row has a chance to grow appropriately.

Foldable For Safe Travel

Move field to field with safely and quickly allowing you more time in the field rather than those long transporting days.

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9412 – 12 Row Folding Cultivator

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