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8580 – 8 Row Hill Pro Potato Planter

8580 – 8 Row Hill Pro Potato Planter

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No Seed Loss on Hills

The hopper and cup row unit remain in an upright position, while the frame rotates on steep hills. This ensures the seeds stay in the cup and eliminates skips.

Highly Accurate Planting

Demonstrates remarkable precision when used with properly cut seeds. This helps eliminate skipped or double planting within your field, ultimately contributing to a more lucrative growing season.
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Easy Maintenance

Thanks to its straightforward design and meticulous engineering, this machine proves to be easily maintainable and manageable throughout the planting season.

Versatility In the Field

The hopper and Row Units will adjust up to 15 degrees on decline and 15 degrees on an incline. This adjustment keeps the seed in the right position in the cup so no skips occur.
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8580 – 8 Row Hill Pro Potato Planter

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