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2 of The 12 Row Folding Potato Planters being used in a big farm with 2 tractors.

8312 – 12 Row Folding Potato Planter

8312 – 12 Row Folding Potato Planter

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Versatile Planting

Capability to sow either 3, 6, 9, or 12 rows concurrently. This facilitates the uniform distribution of planting across all sections of the fields.

Large Tipping Seed Hopper

Hopper capacity of 400 sacks empowers extended planting sessions, thereby reducing the frequency of pauses and interruptions at the field’s end for reloading purposes.

Spudnik's 4 row potato planter at work in a farm with a John Deere tractor.
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Simplified, safe transportation from field to field. Plant 12 Rows and transport like a 6 Row Planter. 

Grimme Planter Cups

Grimme’s innovative cup system extends the capabilities of a conventional planter and eliminates skips and doubles.

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8312 – 12 Row Folding Potato Planter

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