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Spudnik's 8 Row Potato Planter in a farm

8080 – 8 Row Potato Planter

8080 – 8 Row Potato Planter

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End Tow Attachment

Incorporate this feature at the machine’s rear for lawful and secure mobility enhancement.

Customize the Machine

Collaborate with a representative to establish the optimal row spacing and select between liquid or dry fertilizer applications. Our machinery is designed to accommodate your needs, prioritizing your convenience.

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Spudnik's 8 Row Potato Planter at work in a farm.

Highly Accurate Planting

Demonstrates remarkable precision when used with properly cut seeds. This helps eliminate skipped or double planting within your field, ultimately contributing to a more lucrative growing season.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to its straightforward design and meticulous engineering, this machine proves to be easily maintainable and manageable throughout the planting season.

Spudnik's 8 Row Potato Planter with John Deere tractor being used in a farm.

8080 – 8 Row Potato Planter

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