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Spudnik's 7 Row Potato Bed Planter and a John Deere tractor in a farm.

8047 – 7 Row Potato Bed Planter

8047 – 7 Row Potato Bed Planter

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Proper Row Placement

Rows are deliberately staggered during planting to ensure accurate row positioning within the bed.

Large Capacity

Designed to accommodate expansive fields, facilitating the execution of multiple passes.

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Single Pass Planting

Crafted to enable one-pass planting, minimizing the need for tractors and machinery to traverse the field. By incorporating the dammer dyker at the rear of the planter, the potential for soil disruption along the hillside is mitigated, subsequently reducing time and fuel expenditures.

Seed Placement

Utilizing depth sensors along every row to guarantee accurate seed placement depth.

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8047 – 7 Row Potato Bed Planter

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