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4 Row Potato Planter on a hill with a tractor in a farm.

8040 – 4 Row Potato Planter

8040 – 4 Row Potato Planter

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Customize the Machine

Collaborate with a representative to establish the optimal row spacing and select between liquid or dry fertilizer applications. Our machinery is designed to accommodate your needs, prioritizing your convenience.

Single Pass Planting

Crafted to enable one-pass planting, thereby minimizing the need for tractors and machinery to traverse the field. By incorporating the dammer dyker at the rear of the planter, the potential for soil disruption along the hillside is mitigated, subsequently leading to a reduction in time and fuel expenditures.

Spudnik's 4 Row Potato Planter being used in a farm.
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Highly Accurate Planting

The traditional planter demonstrates remarkable precision when used with properly cut seeds. This helps eliminate skipped or double planting within your field, ultimately contributing to a more lucrative growing season.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to its straightforward design and meticulous engineering, this machine proves to be easily maintainable and manageable throughout the planting season.

Spudnik's 4 Row Potato Planter being used in a farm.

8040 – 4 Row Potato Planter

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