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Sopudnk's 3 Row AirSep Potato Harvester is use in a farm.

6631 – 3 Row AirSep Potato Harvester

6631 – 3 Row AirSep Potato Harvester

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Full Width Simple Sep

Positioned prior to or following the AirSep chamber to facilitate heightened separation and uniform dispersion.


Horizontal alignment can be fine-tuned within a range of 10 degrees to maintain the AirSep and side elevator table at an even level, ensuring the most effective separation process.
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Rocks in the Box,
Potatoes in the Truck

Retains stones and clods, which are eliminated by the AirSep, and can be discharged upon reaching the end of the field.

Trash Belt

Collects vine and corn debris post-separation, preventing its reentry into the product stream.
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6631 – 3 Row AirSep Potato Harvester

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