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Spudnik's 8 Row Folding Potato Windrower attached to a John Deere tractor being used in a farm.

6180 – 8 Row Folding Potato Windrower

6180 – 8 Row Folding Potato Windrower

John Deere Tractor pulling a Spudnik Piece of planting equipment call 8 Row Windrower Folded


Fold During Transportation. Maneuver on the road safely and effectively.

Faster Harvest Times

8 Rows of digging with the same care as a 6 Row. 

Man in a tractor attached to a potato harvester, harvesting potatoes on a big farm.
Spudnik Potato harvester harvesting potatoes

Easy Maintenace

The 8 Row Windrower is incredibly easy to maintain, ensuring hassle-free operation and maximum productivity.

Chain Reverse Option

Effortlessly alter the positions of the primary and secondary chains in the event of material obstruction.

Spudnik's Potato harvester harvesting potatoes

6180 – 8 Row Folding Potato Windrower

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