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Spudnik's 6 Row Potato Windrower in a farm attached to a John Deere tractor.

6160 – 6 Row Potato Windrower

6160 – 6 Row Potato Windrower

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Vine Packer

Condenses the remaining vines within the field to prevent any accumulation of vegetation on trucks traversing the area.

Ridge Relief

Facilitates consistent depth excavation on uneven terrain. Maintains a steady load on the drawbar, enhancing tire traction for the tractor.
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Chain Reverse Option

Effortlessly alter the positions of the primary and secondary chains in the event of material obstruction.

Hydraulic Lift Axle

Adjust the inclination of the machinery to enhance the separation efficiency of the belted chain.

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6160 – 6 Row Potato Windrower

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