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two crop carts and two John Deere tractors being used in a farm to load harvested potatoes.

4735 – 35 Ton Potato Cart

4735 – 35 Ton Potato Cart

2 of Spudnik's 35 Ton Potato Cart being used in a farm.

Extra Cleaning Table

Utilizing a cleaning table can be effective in segregating soil and vines within the field.

Seed Transloading

The Potato Cart maintains the operation of your planters, alleviating the need for idle periods while awaiting an additional seed loader.

Spudnik's 35 Ton Potato Cart loading a bulk bed.
2 Spudnik's 35 Ton Potato Carts and 2 tractors in a farm.

Transloading To A Bulk Bed

By transloading onto a bulk bed, you enhance harvest efficiency by eliminating the need to pause between each bulk bed.

4735 – 35 Ton Potato Cart

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