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Customer Appreciation Dinner / Open House

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True Flow Technology

As an alternative to the Even Flow Bin, the Equalizer provides a consistent first in - first out flow of product with True Flow Technology to the down line machines. The design allows the potatoes to flow through the Equalizer quickly, reducing heat build up and bruising, resulting in a steady product flow for the AirSep Eliminator.

True Flow Technology prevents overloading the next machine in line due to the face of the pile sliding down. A combination of sensors coupled with a second discharge belt "equalizes" product flow and eliminates the overloading problem that is common in Surge Tanks.

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Crop Cart

Year round use in multiple crops

The Spudnik Crop Cart was introduced in 2014 to handle multiple crops in various conditions. With a capacity of 35 tons and an unloading speed of more than 10 tons a minute, the Crop Cart exceeds the capabilities of traditional handling equipment.

With 20 units running in the U.S. and Canada filling potato planters and unloading harvesters, the Crop Cart has already proved its value. Available with various multi-crop boom options for Potatoes, Sugar Beets, Grains, Carrots, Cucumbers, Corn, Fertilizer, etc., it can be used year round. Bridging the gap between field and transport equipment, the Spudnik Crop Cart improves the entire operation and is a must-have for the versatile farmer.

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Sugar Beet Technology

12 Row Defoliator and Harvester

At the company Customer Appreciation Night in January 2015, Spudnik officially presented its new sugar beet technology: a 12-row fold-able defoliator and a 12-row trailed harvester.

Leveraging almost 60 years of experience in the potato industry, Spudnik entered the world of sugar beet equipment. In 2013, the first Spudnik sugar beet harvester was prototyped in the field. Since then, working closely with a few customers, Spudnik has developed an exceptional harvesting machine with many unique features.



Zero tolerance for foreign material

Introducing revolutionary air separation technology for gently removing foreign material. Spudnik AirSep technology, available on stationary Eliminators and 2 or 3 row Harvesters, separates rocks, clods, vines, grass, and corn trash with minimal product bruise and labor. It is more gentle than mechanical separation methods and functions in all weather conditions.

In 2013, Spudnik's AirSep technology received the gold medal for innovation at Agritechnica in Germany. After incorporating years of feedback from our customers, Spudnik's AirSep technology is far ahead of all other separation units on the market.